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'Look and think before opening the shutter.  The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.'

- Yousuf Karsh


With 20 years of working as an emergency responder in a major urban centre, I have encountered countless people in need.  Everyone has a story.  Some are positive and others are less so.   As a result,  I believe I have developed a deeper ability to listen, to ask and to appreciate the situations of all people I meet.

This experience has inspired me to look at the human condition, even closer.  To pick up a camera and attempt to further hone the art of seeing - the art of visual storytelling.

From commercial work, portraiture and documentary photography, the opportunity to capture and tell one's story, in the most authentic, unique and visually stunning manner possible has pushed me to better understand myself and others through an incredibly rewarding creative outlet.

Our goal is simple, to tell your story to the world - through a single image or a body of work - and let them know, who you really are.


SCOTIABANK Contact Photography Festival


MJKO Boxing Club

June - July 2019

Parkdale, Toronto, Ontario

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